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Sam Spade’s Last Case

Another Bill Crider Tribute Moment. Hat tip to Bruce Townley.

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When Mammoths Took the Subway

Los Angeles subway work uncovers array of Ice Age fossils A Tribute Moment to Bill Crider and his fun blog. Where will I get all the news on mammoths, crocs and gators now? Hat tip to Brian Leno.

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Rediscovered: Ed Gorman and a Book That Could Have Been

Noticed that today is Ed Gorman Day across the web. After a long battle with cancer, Gorman died on October 15. I spotted immediate tributes by fellow writers such as Bill Crider and James Reasoner. The appeal of his fiction … Continue reading

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Rediscovered: Piloting a FLIVVER

Surfing through Bill Crider’s blog I spotted an article that pertains to our recent topic of flivvers — in which an auto reporter gets to shoot around in a Model T for about three minutes. Fun stuff. Three pedals, none … Continue reading

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Tombstone: Two-Gun Bob

Photo above courtesy the Crider Family Archives, circa 1980. Left to right, at the Robert E. Howard grave in Brownwood, Texas: James Reasoner and Angela, Allen and Bill Crider. The Crider clan lived in Brownwood in that era. If the approximate … Continue reading

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Tour: Sons and Daughters

On the tour for May 17 Angela Crider Neary introduced herself, specifically as the daughter of Texas writer Bill Crider, who gets mentioned here from time to time. Crider and I agreed that the John Carter of Mars movie was … Continue reading

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Rediscovered: Literary Homes, on the Block

Surfing around in Bill Crider’s Pop Culture blog the other day, I noticed a link to an article about no less than eight literary homes being up for sale at the moment. I’d seen separate articles about Ray Bradbury’s long … Continue reading

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Sinister Cinema: What Ever Happened to Lee Van Cleef?

Okay, you keystroke the term Spaghetti Western, you’re pretty much going to start thinking about Lee Van Cleef. How could you not? After prepping the post about La Cuidad Maldita, Van Cleef’s image drifted to mind, one thing led to another, and … Continue reading

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Hollywood Beat: Behind the Scenes on John Carter

While I have no intention of becoming a reliable news source for free stuff you can download on Kindle, I did notice during a surf through Bill Crider’s blog today that the ebook version of John Carter and the Gods of … Continue reading

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Sinister Cinema: John Carter of Mars

Keeping my Memorial March theme going, I caught John Carter yesterday so I could review it today — for the sixty-second anniversary of the death of Edgar Rice Burroughs in 1950. Brilliant adaptation of the source material, fast-paced, funny (I’m amazed … Continue reading

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