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Hammett: More “Op” Coinage

After his first stab at tracking down when the term “The Continental Op” came into play, Terry Zobeck returns to the pulps and books to search for more clews. When last seen he had found the Continental Op — cap C, … Continue reading

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Hammett: Coining “The Continental Op”

Was it Cap Shaw? Was it some unheralded editorial assistant? Terry Zobeck plunged into his Black Mask collection to check on who first used the coinage “The Continental Op” to describe Hammett’s short fat Frisco sleuth. That’s with a capital … Continue reading

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Hammett Takes on the Writing Racket, by John Locke

Mean Streets readers get a Christmas Treat this year from no less than the pulp authority John Locke, doing a deep-dive into the origins of Hammett’s career as a writer. John made a cool discovery in the forgotten trade magazines … Continue reading

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Conan vs. Conantics

by Don Herron “Conan vs. Conantics” first appeared in 1976 in a zine I was doing for an amateur press association called The Hyperborian League and was reprinted almost instantly that same year in the third issue of REH: Two-Gun … Continue reading