By Appointment

By Appointment: Let’s say you’ve got a book club and want to do a tour by appointment, because this month you’re all reading The Maltese Falcon — sure, why not? If I’m not out of town or doing something else on the specific date you have in mind, arranging a walk ought to be easy. But you need to hit a minimum of $250 to entice me away from my noir lair, to slap on the gumshoes and hit the mean streets. To work something out, just email — — and we can juggle details.

Extra Walks: Obviously $250 is a lot to shell out for just one or two people who may be rolling into town, and I am somewhat sympathetic to longtime Hammett fans who are making their first pilgrimage to San Francisco — even people flying in from as far off as Europe or Australia who may never get a chance to come back. If you let me know at least a month in advance — so I have adequate lead time to announce the walk on this website — I may pick your date for tossing in an extra tour on a Sunday where anyone who wants can show up and take it, $20 per person.

(But don’t forget that you can grab a Hammett tour book and track down every site the tour has ever covered all on your own. Any of the various editions will guide you to the major sites.)

Below, checking out the plaque on 891 Post with a group-by-appointment — in this case Sisters in Crime — August 5, 2017: