Current Walks

Many, many, many moons have passed since the New York Times write-up and still I get the occasional inquiry from people who want to know how many walks I’m doing that day.

Sorry. I don’t do walks each and every day.

I never have.

For the post-pandemic Dashiell Hammett Tour — and after 46 years abusing the old gumshoes — I drifted over for awhile largely into doing Tours by Appointment.

Then in 2023 I finally got COVID (if I had it before, it was so mild I didn’t notice). This round featured shortness of breath, coughing, fatigue — the usual, I guess.

Took the cure but shortness of breath lingers. So-called “Long” COVID? Something else? Who knows?

Until I break out of that barrier, I haven’t been doing any walks. In 2020 I didn’t do any walks, because of lockdown restrictions, and it may be that the pandemic grounds me again for this year.

I’ve been refusing quite a few requests for tours — no use showing up if I don’t think I can pull three hours out of the bag.

If I shake it off, I’ll schedule more walks, but don’t get too excited and start holding your breath.

I’m keeping a list of people who want to be informed if more just-show-up walks come along. If any of those tours come about and you want to know the available dates, pop me an email — — and I’ll let you know.

Photo below: me in Union Square backed up by the St. Francis Hotel:

Don in front of St. Francis