Current Walks

Many, many, many moons have passed since the New York Times write-up and I’m still getting in requests for walks from one or two people, none of them for the same day. Sorry. I don’t do walks each and every day, and I never have — if I’m leading a tour on a Wednesday it’s because some group or high roller has arranged it.

If people want to shell out the big bucks, like Sam Spade my services can be bought.

Tours where anyone with three hours and $20 to kill are set up for the months of May through October. No appointment needed, or taken. If interested, show up.

(And by the way, I did have Sunday June 30 up for a tour, but I may as well CANCEL that one now — the starting point would be right in the middle of the annual Gay Pride Parade and no one would be able to squeeze in. I thought I ought to look up the date earlier this year, forgot about it, then got a reminder on May 19 when I conflicted with the annual Bay-to-Breakers marathon. Huge crowd scenes you don’t want to go up against include the run, the parade, and I’m making notes toward next year to watch out for Cinco de Mayo and St. Paddy’s Day, too.)

Photo below: me in Union Square backed up by the St. Francis Hotel:

Don in front of St. Francis