Current Walks

Many, many, many moons have passed since the New York Times write-up and still I get the occasional inquiry from people who want to know how many walks I’m doing that day.

Sorry. I don’t do walks each and every day.

I never have.

If I’m leading a tour on a Wednesday it’s because some group or high roller has arranged it. (If people want to shell out the big bucks, like Sam Spade my services can be bought.)

It looked for a moment as if we were emerging from the pandemic, so I put gumshoes back on the mean streets, testing out the state of affairs. Began the experiment with a group by appointment on May 8th.

Offered the first Sunday where anyone could show up with 20 bucks and walk the walk on May 30th. Knocked out two Sundays in June on the 6th and 13th.

Then offered a battery of walks:

Sunday July 11

Sunday July 18

Sunday August 8

Sunday August 22

I think that’ll be it for tours where anyone can just show up with $20 — for the near future, anyway. Too many new and arbitrary and draconian rules hovering over our heads, ready to be tossed out and ruin perfectly good plans. Some people afraid to sneeze. Jeez.

If you’re made of sterner stuff and want to do the tour, walks remain available by appointment.

Photo below: me in Union Square backed up by the St. Francis Hotel:

Don in front of St. Francis