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Hammett: A Coda on Midget Bandit Week

Shot above: the great Dwight Frye as Wilmer Cook in the first movie version of The Maltese Falcon, from 1931 — the only appearance on film of the character modeled on The Midget Bandit to screen in Edwin Ware’s lifetime. Would Ware … Continue reading

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Hammett: Death of The Midget Bandit — Gutshot in a Prison Break!

And how else would The Midget Bandit have gone out, except as an authentic gangsta? The mug shots — the final mug shots — this time come from his stint in Walla Walla. And here once more is Midget authority … Continue reading

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Hammett: The Midget Bandit vs. The Smiling Bandit

Edwin Ware — The Midget Bandit — was by no means the only yegg in his day to pose for a mug shot. Above you’ll see Roy Gardner — from a Sacramento, California arrest. Who was Gardner, you ask? Here’s … Continue reading

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Hammett: Crime Wave of The Midget Bandit!

Over this week Guest Blogger Warren Harris has sketched in the life and criminal career of The Midget Bandit — today he returns to the California crime spree and some of the lurid headlines it generated. And here’s Warren: As The … Continue reading

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Hammett: Before Edwin Ware Became The Midget Bandit

Yesterday you got the detailed scoop on The Midget Bandit, his California crime spree, and his encounter with Hammett. Today Warren Harris returns to give you more of the fascinating backstory of one of the many, many criminals Hammett encountered … Continue reading

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Hammett: Edwin “Midget” Ware

Yesterday I told you we were going to give you an ID on The Midget Bandit — and here it is. As direct as a fist in the face. If you ever had the slightest curiosity about The Midget Bandit, … Continue reading

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Hammett: Midget Bandit Week!

If you’re any kind of serious fan of the writings of Dashiell Hammett, you know that Hammett modeled the gunsel Wilmer Cook in The Maltese Falcon, published in first edition hardcovers by Knopf in 1930, on a crook known as The Midget Bandit. … Continue reading

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Rediscovered: HPL at 124

I was well aware that yesterday was birthday 124 for H.P. Lovecraft — been doing a lot of rereading of The Old Gent in the past year or so, even grabbed a moment in memoriam to decipher some of his squiggly … Continue reading

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Hollywood Beat: Becoming an Instant Icon

Just got a note from Nathan Ward, who is in LA doing more on-the-ground research for his biography of Dashiell Hammett — needless to say, as soon as that one is available I’ll alert everyone who surfs Up and Down These Mean … Continue reading

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Hollywood Beat: An Icon Among Icons

Image above — of course — Lauren Bacall being lit up by Bogie in that classic of San Francisco film noir, Dark Passage. As everyone from The Hollywood Reporter on down has been saying, when Bacall died on Tuesday August 12, … Continue reading

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