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Hammett: “On the Way”

Of the three known Hammett short stories that have never been reprinted, one has not yet been found, and the other two never have seen reprint in either a Hammett collection or some random anthology. Scanmaster Evan Lewis has tracked … Continue reading

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Hammett: “The Diamond Wager”

It’s been over two years since Terry Zobeck did a quick run-through of how many Hammett stories had seen print, that far, preparing himself to dive in to check on editorial meddling by Frederic Dannay. Of all the stories then … Continue reading

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Frisco Beat: City Lights Hits 60

It’s up against the Hammett Tour I’m doing this coming Sunday with Dashiel (and the ghost of Dashiell, I guess), but what the hell — City Lights Bookstore making it to 60 years on the mean streets is worth a … Continue reading

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Hammett: Or Is This a Better Birthday Present?

Okay, for a little extra oomph on the occasion of Hammett’s birthday, you can grab the current issue of The New Yorker which includes one of the “lost” Hammett short stories — but Vince Emery recently let me know that in May another surprise … Continue reading

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Hammett: Belated Birthday

Yeah, yeah, I missed a whole month of potential blog posts, and when I was MIA from the web on Hammett’s birthday, some people even got worried enough to make sure I hadn’t died quietly on the side. Nope, just sidetracked … Continue reading

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