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Sinister Cinema: Wim Wenders’ Hammett

Heard from a guy over in France who plans to do a documentary on the 1982 Wim Wender’s film based on the Joe Gores novel Hammett. Cool aspect — I guess if it all works out — is that the … Continue reading

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Hammett: Frisco Apartment on the Block

Yeah, people have been bombarding me with queries about the recent article which reports a Hammett San Francisco residence — 237 Leavenworth — up for sale if you’ve got a few million. Four million — sounds cheap: An early 1920s … Continue reading

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Mort: John Jakes

It’s time to mention his name in Atlantis. Brian Leno popped the news to me that John Jakes died Saturday March 18, age 90. Jakes was one of the most commercially successful writers to emerge from the paperback originals and … Continue reading

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Rediscovered: An Item of Modern Arkham House Ephemera

John D. Haefele and I actually have been slaving away on a book on Arkham House ephemera from the Classic Years — 1937-1972. We’ve got guys eyeballing some of the largest private collections (as I post, one stalwart has the … Continue reading

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Mort: Raquel Welch

Upon news of her passing today at the age of 82, Autograph Hound Brian Leno pulled his signed Raquel Welch print from his stacks and stacks of autos. From One Million Years B. C., of course. I usually misquote a … Continue reading

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Rediscovered: Every Other Day Birthdays

The noted book and pulp collector Kevin Cook spotted a fantasy writer trend and reported in: January 20            A. Merritt January 22            Robert E. Howard January 24            C.L. Moore January 26            Philip Jose Farmer

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Sinister Cinema: A Marlowesque Neeson

Brian Wallace slipped me the dope back in 2019 that Liam Neeson was lined up to portray Philip Marlowe in a flick. Now he sends along a review of the finished film by Stephanie Bunbury. You know people will argue … Continue reading

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Hammett: Jeopardy! Hits Nick and Nora (And Glass Onion Cameos the Black Bird)

Jeopardy! hasn’t hit the Hammett clew pile lately as much as it did back in the Golden Age of Alex Trebek. But every now and then they just can’t avoid it. . . . For the show broadcast December 23rd, … Continue reading

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Rediscovered: For the Q&A

Toward the Q&A following the screening of The Woman Chaser with Patrick Warburton in the role of Richard Hudson, I poked around in my book Willeford for any tidbits of info on the novel — a Paperback Original released by … Continue reading

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Sinister Cinema: Q&A

For the Alamo Drafthouse special screening of The Woman Chaser on December 7, they followed the film with a Q&A featuring — left to right, above — me, Joe McSpadden, Patrick Warburton (panelists) and Jake Isgar (moderator). Don’t think I’d … Continue reading

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