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Two-Gun Bob: Norris Chambers RIP

I’m running behind on memorial notices, as pals of mine have been kicking off right and left, it seems. And even though I did a Memorial March theme last year, noting the anniversaries for the deaths of Lovecraft and ERB, as … Continue reading

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Hammett: And the Oscar Goes To

As I was moping around the web during Oscar season this year a bit of information attracted my attention. I’d no doubt seen the same stats when I looked over Oscar info the previous season, but no bells rang at that time. This … Continue reading

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Tour: The Last Cheap Walk

A guy hauling in from England just gave me a month’s advance notice, so if you want to join him, the next walk open to anyone who wants to show up is set for Sunday April 7, noon start at … Continue reading

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Hammett: And Machen

Around Xmas, as I was in the midst of that big reread of H. P. Lovecraft I alluded to a couple of times, I got the urge to do yet another reread on the Dyson stories by Arthur Machen — for … Continue reading

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Two-Gun Bob: Contemplating the Ivory Tower

As I was suggesting a few weeks ago, I was pretty sure Brian Leno wouldn’t be able to resist buying Conan Meets the Academy, the new collection of essays, all by academics, on Robert E. Howard’s most popular creation. If … Continue reading

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Hollywood Beat: Lorre Noir

If you dig noir (and who doesn’t?) and appreciate the art of woodcuts, check out Loren Cantor’s blog Woodcuttingfool straight from Hollywood — the image above is of the great Peter Lorre in Fritz Lang’s M, and the blurb on Lorre … Continue reading

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Sinister Cinema: Morgan. . . Morrrgggaaannnnnnnn. . . .

I know that at least one of my regular blog readers waits to watch The Walking Dead until after the season wraps and the DVD/Blu Ray sets appear — which is the way I watch Dexter — so let me do a … Continue reading

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