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Hammett: More “Clew”

And here’s another chapter heading for that 1950s newspaper reprint of Hammett’s “The Tenth Clew,” featuring a quite svelte Continental Op in action — thanks to John D. Squires for bringing it to my attention.

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Hammett: Another “Clew”

The last time Hammett’s 1924 Op story “The Tenth Clew” got a mention on this site was when we linked to a bit where Mike Nevins covered some odd editing Frederic Dannay did on the ending in the 1940s. I figured … Continue reading

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Tour: Every Sunday in September

Plain. Simple. You’ll find a Dashiell Hammett Tour running each and every Sunday in September. If you want to walk the good old mean streets, show up with a tenspot at noon and burn some tread off your gumshoes.

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Hammett: The Sam Spade Stories

Frequent Guest Blogger Terry Zobeck returns, to survey the three short stories featuring Sam Spade that Hammett sold to the slicks in 1932. I echo his opinions on these tales — compared to the best of the Op yarns, the … Continue reading

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Rediscovered: More Fantômas

  Good old John D. Squires continues his arcane research into the cross-promotion between fiction and film early in the last century, and just tumbled to another Fantômas ad, for all the Fantômas fans out there.

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Hammett: Photos for Sale

Ace Atkins just popped me a note that a few photos of Hammett currently are on the block on eBay, including a shot I’ve never seen before. If interested, hop over pronto for a look or to join in the … Continue reading

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891 Post: Tub Shot 2

The grainy image above dates from the last days when Bill Arney held down the fort in the Sam Spade apartment in 891 Post Street, quick, rough documentation before the rooms went on into a then unknown future. Now we know … Continue reading

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Rediscovered: Digging Out the Dannay

I’ve never been interested in the fiction of author “Ellery Queen” — nom de guerre for the cousins Frederic Dannay and Manfred B. Lee. The only Queen titles I ever recall reading were some of the 1960s novels ghost written … Continue reading

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Hammett: Before Dannay. . .

Our frequent Guest Blogger Terry Zobeck returns with a fresh discovery in his investigation into how Frederic Dannay edited Hammett’s short stories for paperback publication, decades ago. Hey, you jump into the pool, you can dive deeper — and deeper. Take it, … Continue reading

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Tour: Try Again in September

I’m not penciling in any extra tours this month, where you can just show up, drop a tenspot, and walk the walk — but in September the Hammett Tour rolls each and every Sunday, so if you’ve just heard about it … Continue reading

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