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Death Lit: Ace Atkins Returns!

Ace Atkins is returning to “M” is for Mystery in San Mateo for a signing of his latest novel, The Ranger, on Tuesday June 14, 7 p.m. Unless I’m jumped and blackjacked into some noir limbo, I plan to be there. … Continue reading

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Hammett: More on “Death”

Prompted by Terry Zobeck’s post on “Death and Company,” I pulled out my Dell Mapback edition of The Return of the Continental Op and checked through all his corrections. Took a little bit of work, since Terry’s page and line numbers refer to … Continue reading

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Hammett: Give that Man a Cigar

How about a surprise for Hammett’s 117th birthday? As you may or may not know, researchers have managed to turn up almost zero footage of Hammett on film, and so far not a single audio recording. Doesn’t mean there’s nothing … Continue reading

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Hammett: The Original “Death”

As announced, Terry Zobeck is on board to let Hammett fans know exactly which words and sentences Frederic Dannay cut from the original magazine texts as he collected Hammett’s short stories into digest-sized paperbacks — in effect, Terry is reconstructing the closest … Continue reading

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Hammett: The Dannay Edits

  Terry Zobeck returns for another Guest Blog post, an overview of Things to Come. Inspired by his research into restoring the pure text on “This King Business,” Terry has decided to dig into his collection and show us what Hammett wrote before … Continue reading

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Tour: Two More in May

Only two more Sundays left in May, two more chances to put your gumshoes on the mean streets before I jump over to other things in the month of June, and maybe July, as well. . . . For the … Continue reading

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Two-Gun Bob: Keeping an Iron Hand In

As I was saying not long ago, I keep my hand in on things Robert E. Howard. A couple of items have been announced already, and I believe at least one more I contributed a tidbit to will be popped out as … Continue reading

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Frisco Beat: Still Dashiel. . .

As of last night, the street sign at the bottom of Dashiell Hammett Street still reads “Dashiel Hammet.” The sign at the top of the street is the original, correctly spelled version. And I did get a new theory about … Continue reading

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Death Lit: The Black (Mask) Bird

While I’m not doing a regular crime and mystery review column any more, and you’d have a very hard time talking me into the idea again, I still manage to knock out seven or eight standalone reviews every year in … Continue reading

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Hammett: Lost Stories, Found

After his first Guest Blogger spot, tracking down the pure text for Hammett’s Continental Op yarn “This King Business,” Terry Zobeck returns with another Adventure in Collecting. Here’s Terry: Ever since I read Richard Layman’s 1981 Hammett biography Shadow Man, and … Continue reading

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