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Rediscovered: Solar Pons

Dove back into one of my favorite hobbies recently, when I landed a ten item trove of Arkham House ephemera. Ordered them mostly blind, though I had the sense that an item I needed might possibly be in the lot. … Continue reading

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Hammett: Hey-Ya, Hey-Ya, Who’s Got a Black Boid?

Nathan Ward just sent along a link to an article in Vanity Fair on the subject of falcon statues — from the 1941 Bogie flick or the George Segal The Black Bird or anywhere else you might grab a falcon … Continue reading

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Hammett: Some Tough Nights

Eighty-six years ago today Knopf did the official release of a sweet little love yarn titled The Maltese Falcon. You know, the one where it looks like your girlfriend is going to prison. May be hanged. Tough break. Sure, you’ll … Continue reading

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Tour: Sunday February 28

Shot above — I assemble the tour group for a gander at the Geary Theatre, where Joel Cairo had tix to see a play in The Maltese Falcon. With the brutal rains of winter pounding down, I’ve been doing only select … Continue reading

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Rediscovered: Piloting a FLIVVER

Surfing through Bill Crider’s blog I spotted an article that pertains to our recent topic of flivvers — in which an auto reporter gets to shoot around in a Model T for about three minutes. Fun stuff. Three pedals, none … Continue reading

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