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Hammett: Blue Bloods Blurb

Both Evan Lewis and Brian Wallace alerted me to a major Hammett/Falcon cameo in the cop show Blue Bloods. “Friday night, February 12, 2021,” Brian reported. “Season 11, Episode 7 — ‘In Too Deep.’Alison Gable (Erin Neufer) is introduced to … Continue reading

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Hammett: The Jeopardy! Roundup

For fun I’ve been keeping track of the times Hammett or something to do with Hammett (i.e. Sam Spade or Lillian Hellman) popped up on the game show Jeopardy! Kind of a marker of the cultural zeitgeist. Now that the … Continue reading

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Hammett: More Jeopardy!

And Hammett-based clews continue to pop up on Jeopardy! as if in a noir salutation to the passing of Alex Trebek. On December 28 the rerun episode titled “Around the World with Alex: Journey Through Israel” (originally broadcast November 23, … Continue reading

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Hammett: Non-Stop Jeopardy!

Holy cow. It isn’t just one Hammett clew every month or few months, it is a damn barrage. Yesterday, Friday Dec 18 — S37 E70 — in the Double Jeopardy round. $2000 clew. Category: Literature: This playwright’s “The Children’s Hour” … Continue reading

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Hammett: And Another Jeopardy! Clew in the Trebek Era

Man, the Jeopardy! Hammett clews are coming out fast and furious, like hot lead from a Tommy gun. Yesterday, Wednesday 12/16/20 — S37 E68 — as the last few final episodes hosted by Alex Trebek work their way on air … Continue reading

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Hammett: Middle Name Dashiell

Aha! Hammett makes the cut yet again for Jeopardy! — in one of the run of final episodes hosted by Alex Trebek. Nice. On 11/30/2020 — aka yesterday — in the first round. $200 clew. Category: Authors’ Middle Names That … Continue reading

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Two-Gun Bob: Barbing Up Jeopardy!

Barbarianing, that is. Two-Gun Bob Howard of Cross Plains, Texas has been easing onto the Jeopardy! scene in recent years, in a category here, a category there. When he made the cut for Famous Bobs, you knew he was in … Continue reading

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Hammett: That Sneaky Jeopardy!

Yesterday — 10/23/2020 — the Jeopardy! clew crew spun yet another variant on their long years of Hammett-related questions. First time I recall Sam Spade’s papa invading scrambled words turf. What next??? — math and science? In the first round. … Continue reading

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Hammett: Jeopardy! Struck Again!

Yesterday a Hammett clew made a reprise appearance on Jeopardy! as they mined their archives to fill in the weeks of summer with From the Vault: Million Dollar Masters. If I heard right, this tournament rounding up previous champions was … Continue reading

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Hammett: Would You Believe?

Yeah, sure, Hammett gets mentioned on Jeopardy! all the time. But do you think that’s his only link to the pop culture?

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