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Rediscovered: Roger Craig vs. the Riddle of the Bejeweled Statue

Hammett and The Maltese Falcon have become quite the staples on Jeopardy! By no means do I report on each instance — most recent one I thought worth notice was when Hammett and 891 Post actually got mentioned on the show, and … Continue reading

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Hammett: Red Harvest Begat the Three Stooges?

You never know what you’re going to find drinking joe/surfing around the net/trying to wake up. Today I came across a brief review of Hammett’s Red Harvest by Ron Scheer, who usually blogs about Old West stuff — worth checking … Continue reading

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Rediscovered: “Say It Simple”

  And today Michael S. Chong returns, with the third entry in his series of “lost” Willeford bits scattered through the newspapers of North America — this time an item about Willeford’s interest in playing around with big, fancy words … Continue reading

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Tour: And Add One for Sunday June 22

A guy hauling in from New Zealand popped me a note today to ask for a walk on Sunday June 22 — TWO months advance notice (excellent), a long ride in — why not? Add that date to the schedule, … Continue reading

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Sinister Cinema: You’re Making the Movie Anyway?

After John Ridley won an Oscar a few weeks ago, I happened to surf into a post covering his activities — lured in by a tagline about a “feud” he had or was having with 12 Years a Slave director Steve … Continue reading

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Tour: Three Sundays in May and June

Pic: leaning on the parapet atop the Stockton tunnel. Various people asked for some walks, giving me more than a month advance notice, so mark your calendars for Sunday May 11, Sunday May 25 or Sunday June 1 if you’d like to … Continue reading

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Rediscovered: Eddie Little

In May of last year Joseph Hirsch dropped me a note which mentioned, “I’m on the hunt right now for good literature by ex-cons. Not sure if you’ve heard of Eddie Little, but he was one of a small group … Continue reading

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Rediscovered: Block on Willeford/Block on Block

The recent mentions of Charles Willeford caused Terry Zobeck to prowl the net for awhile, where he discovered an article from yesteryear in which Lawrence Block remembered his meetings with Willeford — pretty interesting, especially the bits about eating cat, though … Continue reading

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Death Lit: Rolling Country by Joseph Hirsch

Mentioning Willeford lately courtesy the In Memoriam Palm Sunday Tour reminds me that I’ve been meaning to blurb Rolling Country by Joseph Hirsch. Read it awhile back, was thinking about doing it up for Halloween, but then something came along to … Continue reading

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Rediscovered: “Reasons Why Writers Write” — Encore Variants

I just did the Palm Sunday Walk in memoriam Charles Willeford — mostly locals showed up, but we did have a couple haul in all the way from Massachusetts — so how about we continue the memorial action with a … Continue reading

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