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Rediscovered: Klarkash-Ton for Hallowe’en

Toward my seasonal Hallowe’en reading this year, I decided I’d dive back into the eldritch oeuvre of Clark Ashton Smith — it has been far too long since I did any kind of major rereading, though of course I have … Continue reading

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Rediscovered: Brian Leno Reviews a Bestseller; or, Amazing Exploits of the Tallest Midget

When I began my casual gig reviewing books for Publishers Weekly back in 2000, I told Pete the editor that I wasn’t interested in covering any novels that were being packaged as “bestsellers” — I did my time earlier in those … Continue reading

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Tour: Walking the Walk

On the tour for October 19 two more writers with a crime connection chalked their names on the mean streets of Hammettville: Judy Meliner and T.J. Mitchell. One book out so far, non-fiction, on the corpse trade — with plans … Continue reading

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Tour: On Sunday November 2 and November 9

Two more tours this year where anyone with $20 and four hours to kill can just show up and walk the walk — and after that we’re into Xmas Season, and rains, bleak noir rains (if luck for Frisco is … Continue reading

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Two-Gun Bob: “Der finstere Barbar”

I haven’t held an actual copy in my hands as yet, but have been told that the new collection of Robert E. Howard stories from Festa is indeed out and about in the world — offered for sale on Amazon, … Continue reading

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Rediscovered: More on Roadhouse Benny

My Jack Benny Research Team never sleeps! Not much, anyway. Remember the post I did back in 2012 about hearing the mention of Benny’s name in the movie Roadhouse Nights, based — and I use the word based very, very … Continue reading

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Rediscovered: A Willeford Blurb — For Haefele?!?

Image above — Haefele’s Heretics rolling into Lovecraft Town on a convoy of Shermans. Locked and loaded. Yep, every time I pick up the new trade paperback of John D. Haefele’s A Look Behind the Derleth Mythos all I can … Continue reading

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Frisco Beat: Lit Street = Mean Street

It’s around the twenty-sixth anniversary of the literary streets being named, and last night Jack London Street in San Francisco witnessed flying lead and sudden death — seems like the sort of thing I should at least mention here on Up and … Continue reading

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891 Post: And More on 895 Post

How about another 891 Post post? Eighteen people hauled out for the walk on September 21, including Warren Harris of Midget Bandit Week fame (so naturally I had to do lots of extra coverage of Edwin Ware) and a guy named … Continue reading

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Tour: Sunday October 19

In the image above, the tour stops to gander the plaque marking 811 Geary Street, notable — per the plaque, and it is just true — as the building where Fritz Leiber wrote his novel Our Lady of Darkness. One … Continue reading

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