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Sinister Cinema: Orson

I believe it was sometime in 2010 or so when Matthew Asprey — more recently writing under the longer handle of Matthew Asprey Gear — hoofed These Mean Streets on the Hammett tour. He mentioned the moment in a book … Continue reading

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Rediscovered: Stretched in Space

Couldn’t help but think of Fritz Leiber when I noticed the article about astronaut Scott Kelly growing two inches taller after not quite a year in space. Instantly conjured up Fritz’s 1968 novel A Spectre is Haunting Texas, whose protagonist … Continue reading

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Rediscovered: Further Pontine Ephemera

Remember that cache of Arkham House ephemera I landed the other week, anchored by a TLS by August Derleth on a Solar Pons greeting card he had had printed up? I thought just having the little signed note by Derleth … Continue reading

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