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Sinister Cinema: The Wild Life of Warren Oates

Every year or two I make the plunge into looking at refs to me on Google, though I have never managed to get to the end, if there is an end. Kind of fun to see various previously unknown citations … Continue reading

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Rediscovered: Ford — The Flivver King!

Bio Month is rocketing to a finish. Sometime today Nathan Ward is supposed to hit town. His appearance in Mechanics’ Library tomorrow is sold out (but he is dropping into a few bookshops to sign store stock, if you really want an … Continue reading

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Rediscovered: Thumbing the Hammers in the Gun-Dummy Game

Hey, can you tell that I am deep into Will Murray’s history of the pulp western, Wordslingers? A history of a genre, an encyclopedia of mini-biographies of a thousand and one fictioneers, and a debate between the proponents of the … Continue reading

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Two-Gun Bob: The Flivver Dither

It is now two days since I rebutted the note on the Two-Gun Raconteur blog about a flivver not being, specifically, a Ford. No corrections or apologies or anything — gee, you’d think Damon Sasser got mad at me or … Continue reading

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Hammett: A Few Notes from a Former Thin Man

Naturally, my post the other day about the first meeting of me and no less than Bill Arney on a tour back in 1982 was noticed by Bill Arney, who says: “Oh, man. “That was my first hat, my first … Continue reading

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Hammett: Getcher Tickets!

Got a note yesterday from the Mechanics’ Library that 71 seats have sold for the appearance by Hammett biographer Nathan Ward (left, pictured in his Brooklyn turf) next Wednesday — if that’s not sold out, it is closing in. Not like … Continue reading

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Rediscovered: “Cthulhu and his myth-cycle”

Okay, John D. Haefele has given thumb’s up to me presenting for your edification one of the new riffs he added to the eBook edition of A Look Behind the Derleth Mythos — hey, a little publicity never hurt anything, right? … Continue reading

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Two-Gun Bob: The Flivver Controversy Erupts!

After my post yesterday about flivvers being Fords they added “A Note from the Editor” to the Word of the Week on Two-Gun Raconteur, which reads: Apparently Don Herron has his ignition wires crossed in a recent post on his … Continue reading

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Two-Gun Bob: Flivvers

I’ve been irked by the dismal state of Robert E. Howard criticism in recent years, and I’m planning on getting back to the subject next month — which I’m thinking could be LitCrit Month. (Howard criticism, of course, has been … Continue reading

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John D. Haefele’s “A Testament to His Influence”

To celebrate the third edition of John D. Haefele’s A Look Behind the Derleth Mythos going live on Kindle — illustrated in full color from his pristine holdings of Arkham House books and ephemera — we present a review intimately connected … Continue reading

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