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Sinister Cinema: Hammett Easter Egg OSTRICH-Sized in Legends of Tomorrow

I thought I had gotten in on something early when I did the post about spotting a Maltese Falcon statue in an episode of the CW show Arrow. A subsequent and cursory check of the web revealed that only one guy … Continue reading

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Hammett: Almost Complete, If Spread Thin, Man. . .

Image above: one cover from the new set of eBooks collecting the Op short stories. My morning inbox featured Michael S. Chong sending along a link to an interview about the series. I’ve known for a few months that some … Continue reading

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Rediscovered: From Two-Gun Bob to Ali

The death of Mohammed Ali yesterday spurred our resident Mean Streets boxing expert, Brian Leno — now in the thick of writing a book on Robert E. Howard and the world of pugilism he knew — to show how closely … Continue reading

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Tour: Sunday June 12

For this month you’ll find a walk offered on Sunday June 12, where anyone can show up with $20 and join in. No appointment needed, but comfortable shoes come in handy. Noon start at the “L” sculpture. Followed by some … Continue reading

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Rediscovered: An Ossuary of Paper and Board for a Rajah of Words

You snooze and you lose. Of course, it doesn’t help anything if the item you are about to buy is done in a print run of only about 85 copies, published in Bucharest. . . . By the moment I … Continue reading

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Rediscovered: ‘Bo Writin’ on the Wall

Image: Ernest Borgnine as Shack the railroad bull vs. Lee Marvin as the legendary hobo A -No.1 in Robert Aldrich’s Emperor of the North — a definitive hobo/train cinematic statement. Brutal. Most people I’ve met have never heard of this … Continue reading

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