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891 Post: Tub Shot, B&W

January is almost gone. Noir City is done. And The Voice of Noir has left the building. Yeah, the windows of the Sam Spade apartment in 891 Post will be dark again as you gumshoe past in the night, after … Continue reading

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Sinister Cinema: The Fest is Over

Noir City has folded up its sidewalks and slunk off into the night, and almost all that’s left are memories — and a really intriguing puzzle I noticed in the final day’s showing of the film Roadhouse Nights. More on … Continue reading

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Rediscovered: The Poets Gawsworth and Maclaren

Recently I heard from Lucilla Maclaren Spillane, who was looking around the Web for Steve Eng. Steve, if you recall, is the guy who brought M. P. Shiel fully to my attention, and completely sold me on John Gawsworth as a … Continue reading

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Hammett: The Film Fest Coming Up Fast

If around the burg on Sunday, don’t forget the close-out to the tenth annual noir movie marathon in the Castro, with a one-day marathon all-its-own of flicks adapted from Dashiell Hammett. You can get the schedule and suitable blurbs from … Continue reading

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Two-Gun Bob: Some Comments on the 106

Apparently my post on Birthday 106 for author Robert E. Howard has met with some grumbling in the so-called social media — I hear that at least one person has “disliked” it on Facebook. Jeez. Don’t know if I can … Continue reading

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Frisco Beat: Falcon, Falcon, Who’s Got a or the Falcon?

Getting slightly busy with the Noir City X action, dropping into the old haunt of Sam Spade’s apartment for pre-opening night drinks with Bill “The Voice of Noir” Arney, who is camping out in his former digs during the festival … Continue reading

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Two-Gun Bob: 106 and Counting

Birthday 106 for Robert E. Howard today. Almost 76 years since he committed suicide on June 11, 1936. And his name lives on. Not bad for a writer who plied his trade in the pulps and didn’t see a single … Continue reading

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Tour: Nada in January

  We’ve got winter rains coming in, maybe. We’ve got the lure of a run down to LA on the spur of the moment. And we’ve got no extra tours where you can just show up with a tenspot and … Continue reading

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Hollywood Beat: A Fante Salon

Just got word that a new literary salon has scheduled its first meeting for Monday January 23 in Musso & Frank — you know, I’m half-thinking about going, if not to this one, then to a later session. What a great place to stage … Continue reading

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Two-Gun Bob: Into the West

Sometime after midnight, as 2011 had slipped away and the New Year had begun, I did a quick check of email and found a barrage of notes telling me that Glenn Lord had passed away on the last day of the vanished … Continue reading

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