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Tour: Another Walk for June

Believe it or not, but a guy with the given name of Dashiel (one “l”) is jetting in from Australia late in June and just asked for a walk — more than a month’s advance notice, all the way from … Continue reading

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Blog: In the Testimonial Department. . .

Tossing off the Despond of Winter (or whatever has been going on over at his house), the once frequent and fan favorite Guest Blogger Terry Zobeck just popped in a note saying he’s preparing for future rounds of guest posts. … Continue reading

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Tour: Cinco de Mayo y 2 de junio

Of all the Sundays in May I’d most want to skip over when doing a Hammett tour, Cinco de Mayo is tops — especially when May 5 falls exactly on the Sunday, like this year. And my intention was to skip it, … Continue reading

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Hollywood Beat: Hammett, By Proxy

Remember when I expressed some worries about the LAVA literary salon being able to hang on in Musso & Frank? I’m not psychic, I was just reading the writing on the wall. And I read it right. (I didn’t have … Continue reading

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