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Sinister Cinema: Patrick Warburton

Onscreen in The Woman Chaser, Patrick Warburton plays one of the most unlikable characters you’ll ever meet — before and after the movie, though, you’re talking to one of the friendliest people you’ll find in the bar of the Alamo … Continue reading

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Sinister Cinema: The Woman Chaser

Joe McSpadden, producer for 1999’s The Woman Chaser, mentioned that the December 7 showing in the Alamo Drafthouse put the movie on the largest screen ever — swell deal for cineastes. Above, a still frame of star Patrick Warburton as … Continue reading

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Tour: Just Over Twenty Years Ago. . .

Our pal Mike Humbert sent a couple of images winging around the net, with the info line: “Two pics from me taking the Dashiell Hammett tour for the first time, October 27, 2002.” Twenty years ago and change. Image at … Continue reading

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Posse McMillan: Kent Harrington and the Third Degree

Our buddy Kent Harrington from the old Posse McMillan days — and up to today — fields some snoopy queries in his latest interview over on the Noir Con site. He mentions Dennis McMillan and the days of yesteryear, plus … Continue reading

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Posse McMillan: Jim Nisbet, Mort

Just got a message from Kent Harrington at 6p.m., who says: “Jim Nisbet passed today. Dennis just texted me.” Another writer from Posse McMillan down.

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Two-Gun Bob: June 11, 1926 — 1936 — 2022

Today marks the anniversary of the suicide by gunshot at age thirty of Texas author Robert E. Howard, sitting in his Chevy outside the family home in Cross Plains. Our resident Autograph Hound Brian Leno lays out another John Hancock … Continue reading

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Mort: Fred Ward

After the fact, word drifted in that Fred Ward died on Sunday May 9 at the age of 79. Got to note it here since — as pictured above — Fred was the first to essay the role of Charles … Continue reading

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Frisco Beat: Worley Recalled

Yet another mini-memoir of crime writer William Worley has wandered into the traffic on These Mean Streets, this one from Linda Shaw — a student from one of his classes in Lowell High: I had not thought about Mr. William … Continue reading

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Frisco Beat: Back to Chinatown

For those of you in the game of collecting San Francisco Mysteries, Connie di Marco is one of the current writers jumping into the fray — on April 26 her new one Serpent’s Doom, fourth entry in her series of the … Continue reading

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Sinister Cinema: The Shadow of Bill Arney

Dropped in on a memorial party for the late great Bill Arney last night in 891 Post, tales were told of his exploits, we found the raw footage of his epic toy tank battle filmed in Death Valley or someplace, … Continue reading

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