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Frisco Beat: A Slice of Life 1979-90

Our man on the street, Nathan Ward — keeping his eye on the New York scene — sends along his latest find: “I liked this evocation of San Francisco from 79-90 by the novelist Rachel Kushner in the current New … Continue reading

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Hammett: Birthday 126

Yeah, 126 years ago today Samuel Dashiell Hammett began life as a fat baby, and lived that life as a thin man. Pinkerton’s detective. Pulp writer in San Francisco. Hollywood. Ended up in New York. You probably know the outline. … Continue reading

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Hammett: Zobeck Takes on The Hunter and Other Stories

  And in celebration of Birthday 120 for Hammett, how about the thoughts of a long-time Hammett fan and collector on the most recent collection of his stories? Ladies and Gentlemen, here’s Terry Zobeck: Back in October Don reviewed The … Continue reading

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Hammett: Or Is This a Better Birthday Present?

Okay, for a little extra oomph on the occasion of Hammett’s birthday, you can grab the current issue of The New Yorker which includes one of the “lost” Hammett short stories — but Vince Emery recently let me know that in May another surprise … Continue reading

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Hammett: Belated Birthday

Yeah, yeah, I missed a whole month of potential blog posts, and when I was MIA from the web on Hammett’s birthday, some people even got worried enough to make sure I hadn’t died quietly on the side. Nope, just sidetracked … Continue reading

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