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Rediscovered: Steinbeck, Classical Puzzle Mystery Writer

Brian Wallace pops in a link to a long article from the Los Angeles Review of Books covering a crime novel — with werewolves, kind of — John Steinbeck wrote at the start of his career. It was 1930 and … Continue reading

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Rediscovered: Solar Pons

Dove back into one of my favorite hobbies recently, when I landed a ten item trove of Arkham House ephemera. Ordered them mostly blind, though I had the sense that an item I needed might possibly be in the lot. … Continue reading

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FLIVVER: The Robert E. Howard WORD FOR 2015

Our Occasional Guest Blogger Brian Leno was surfing the web, checking on info on old time boxing, and stumbled across a great little article on cars and F. Scott Fitzgerald — with a nice section on flivvers. As Brian says, … Continue reading

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