Sinister Cinema: Hammett Easter Egg OSTRICH-Sized in Legends of Tomorrow

Screenshot 2016-02-22 11.20.26

I thought I had gotten in on something early when I did the post about spotting a Maltese Falcon statue in an episode of the CW show Arrow. A subsequent and cursory check of the web revealed that only one guy on Facebook or someplace had spotted it ahead of me. Dust off my coonskin cap and call me Davy. . . .

But then a week or three later I stumbled over the info that it was kind of old news, because the Black Bird makes a much longer and more involved cameo in the Pilot (Part 1), aired January 21, 2016, for the CW’s Legends of Tomorrow — in fact, the buzz about the statue kicked in all over the web because of a prevue trailer in which Gutman’s fancy features prominently.

I had avoided any and all trailers, wanting to go into the show un-spoiled. So as it turned out, I snoozed and I losed.

Anyway, you get much more action for the statue in the Legends pilot, if you want to check it out at some point.

Screen grab at top, you can see it on the table at the bottom of the image, as the future Hawkman and Hawkgirl have a roll in the silken sheets of Ancient Ægypt.

Bottom image, a clear shot from another angle as the Big Baddie makes the scene.

Of course, this longer scene and the variant in Arrow are of the same sequence, meaning the Black Bird has only shown up on this one occasion — so far — in the CW DC Universe.

Yet can’t you imagine a cool scene in some episode someday, where Hawkman compulsively watches the 1941 John Huston movie, riveted to the screen as if by some otherworldly occult force. . . .

Screenshot 2016-02-22 10.28.45

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