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Frisco Beat: Daniel Woodrell, Resident

Terry Zobeck just happened across an article on Hammett and a couple of New Guy writers (new compared to Hammett, at least) in which they eat in John’s Grill, visit Burritt alley — the things one does in Frisco. For … Continue reading

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Rediscovered: Another Derleth Review Copy

Inspired by looking over the Paul Dobish list of Arkham House review slips yesterday, Arkham and August Derleth savant John D. Haefele sent in an image of a related item for your instruction and amusement. Check out the way the … Continue reading

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The Paul Dobish Jr Collection of Arkham House Review Slips

If you recall my essay on Arkham House ephemera in Firsts: The Book Collector’s Magazine back in October 2002, I wrapped it up by mentioning that much other ephemera existed than just the stock lists and brochures I concentrated my … Continue reading

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Death Lit: Manchette Under Review

My review of the latest translation from French noir master Jean-Patrick Manchette — No Room at the Morgue — recently popped at PW. Here’s the really good news — New York Review Books lined up another translator to work on … Continue reading

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Sinister Cinema: Twentieth Century Hot Spot

Pulps in the Movies! On Sale Every Wednesday! I wonder what the fiction mag and film impresario John Locke has for us today. . . . Let’s find out: Here in 1934’s great comedy, Twentieth Century, a private investigator is … Continue reading

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