891 Post: A Noir Advertisement

I got a Xmas card from Bill Arney — a.k.a. The Voice of Noir — which asked if I had seen the trailer for the tenth anniversary of the Noir City film festival. Turns out it was shot in Sam Spade’s apartment in 891 Post Street, Bill’s old digs. Hadn’t caught it yet, but here it is — if you show up for any of the shows, you may spot Bill prowling about between his MC duties.

Of special note to Hammett fans is the wrap-up Sunday, January 29, an all-Hammett-for-hours film fest, with Roadhouse Nights, Mr. Dynamite and other stuff. I’ll try to make the scene for that day, at least, tho some of the other days look cool — I was just showing some visitors a location from Point Blank (adjacent to a location for Dark Passage, overlapping a location for Vertigo, etc & etc).

The trailer shows you brief glimpses of the inside of apartment 401 in 891 Post, with the Murphy bed folded down into the room. The actual strip search scene in the novel, however, takes place in the bathroom — maybe that locale was a bit too hot to handle for the Noir City crew, but it wasn’t too hot for Hammett, which is why he’s the King Daddy of Noir.

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