Death Lit: A Gangster Rap

While I’m  thinking about it, I had another review appear that is roughly 90% what I sent in — only 85% in the worse case scenario.

Cut is my blurb that the book is “novelized history or history-heavy pulp,” which — I mean, what the hell — I like.

And my slangy line “Yeah, you know how it plays out, but hanging with Scarface, Lucky, Nucky, Bugs and the gang is always fun” got some toying done to it.

Too bad they deleted “Nucky.” Courtesy Steve Buscemi and Boardwalk Empire, I think most people (who’d read this kind of book, anyway) know his name. And he does make a cameo in the action, it wasn’t as if I was just riffing like a gangster-fan wild man or something.

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