Death Lit: Down and Out in Sweden

And yes, I keep chugging along with reviews on the side. This somewhat recent one is close enough to the wording I turned in to qualify for a link.

Someone did sub in the term “mean streets” in place of my original bit: “Richly detailed, drenched in sweat, a landscape with street names such as Ynglingagatan and Biblioteksgatan where starving dogs hopelessly meander. . . .” But I think I was messing with them. Ynglingagatan. Give me a break. A whole book with names like that? Jeez.

But of course I frequently use the term “mean streets” in the reviews, so the sub-in flows. I’m not saying every review where you see “mean streets” might have me behind it, or even every review that references Charles Willeford, but I bet there’s more than a 50/50 chance.

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