Frisco Beat: Alcatraz — Get Off The Rock Free Day

Alcatraz sign

I’m guessing Evan Lewis over on the Davy Crockett’s Almanack blog must think I’m getting lazy (hey, I was born lazy), because he keeps slipping me stuff that deserves some kind of post.

Today — and as far as I know, only today — you can download for free the recent Michael Esslinger “definitive history” of Alcatraz on Kindle. Even if you never read it, it’s free, so why not take a chance? Like, who doesn’t like The Rock?

Plus this reminds me that I saw the complete Blu-Ray/DVD sets for the cancelled Fox show Alcatraz for sale before Xmas — I resisted, even as I was torn by my usual questions about TV:

Why don’t they release something I want to buy?

Why not The Good Guys?

Will I ever own a hard copy of Season Two of Better Off Ted?

But this gives me a chance to footnote my comments about actress Sarah Jones in earlier posts about Alcatraz, where I was saying she just looks too young for the part she had in that series. She has turned up in the new CBS show Vegas and I don’t have any gripes about her casting — in fact, I watched an entire episode and didn’t recognise her, which I figure is the ultimate compliment. A much better fit, and maybe this show will last more than a single season.

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