Frisco Beat: “Bob” Harrington’s The Stag

Remember the blast-from-the-past childhood memories Kent Harrington was having when I toured him and his French translator around the burg a little over a year ago? He talked about his dad working in all sorts of buildings along Market Street — but he didn’t mention his grandfather.

“Bob.” A barmaster.

Poking around some archives, Kent just popped me the image above: “Don, had to send this to you. It’s the last bar my grandfather managed — Market and Kearny. (He was in the Irish mob as was my great-grandfather.)”

A nice slice of City history, with Pisco Punch, Lotta’s Fountain, etc. Harking back to the era when, as I understand it, Market was lined wall-to-wall with bars from the Ferry Building up to at least Seventh Street.

Back when you could get a drink in this town. . . .

Kent’s next book returns to a San Francisco setting — up-to-the-minute San Francisco, not the cool gray Frisco that housed The Stag. Last Ferry Home, slated for release in March of the New Year.

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