Frisco Beat: Corpse Reviver

Joe Hagen sent me the shot you see before your eyes — Joe’s part of the secret junto of thinkers and drinkers who meet in and around 891 Post Street.

I’d just mentioned going to Stookey’s for a Corpse Reviver, and Joe wanted to know more.

Well, I told him, Stookey’s is a bar on the corner of Bush and Taylor — and I have no doubt you’ve been there.

Joe lives only a few blocks away, and it’s a bar and the door is open. I had no doubt he’d been inside.

He had. But somehow he hadn’t heard of the Corpse Reviver, so he needed to check that off his Bucket List.

Proof is in the photo, featuring Aaron the bartender and the gleaming backbar framing the main attraction, the cocktail in question.

Aaron tells Joe there are at least eight variants of the Corpse Reviver.

I’d heard there were as many as five, so it appears further sleuthing is in order.

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