Frisco Beat: Falcon, Falcon, Who’s Got a or the Falcon?

Getting slightly busy with the Noir City X action, dropping into the old haunt of Sam Spade’s apartment for pre-opening night drinks with Bill “The Voice of Noir” Arney, who is camping out in his former digs during the festival — then returning to Sam’s Place for post-opening drinks. Noir movies and drinks, they really go together.

Bits of dialog from the late-night talk that stick:

“I’m not someone you’d want to send into space.”

“It was the least she could have done, without doing anything at all.”

“I’m an architect, not a plumber.” (“Dammit, Jim!”)

Yeah, there’s a problem with the — never mind. I guess there can be too much information, right?

I did take a moment out of the dizzy whirlwind to hop over to the ReelSF site to check locations from The House on Telegraph Hillgreat site, you’re missing out if you like noir movies and San Francisco and haven’t prowled around there yet.

Plus, Drew Bourn of the Using San Francisco History blog just put up a nice article on tracking down Maltese falcon statues around town — if you know of any he’s missed, pop him a note. The piece features a nice philosophical angle. Philosophy and drinks go together, too.

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