Frisco Beat: Feel the Bern

Generally speaking, I wouldn’t bother with politics on the blog — mostly because I’m not in the grip of one of the prevailing derangement delusions.

Hammett was a communist. (Or, technically, a rich communist, which makes the whole commie thing a lot easier.) That’s just history. The people I don’t care for in the debates are the ones who want to whitewash history.

But as the blog of record I’ve got to link to the dustup in John’s Grill between presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders and John Konstin during the recent invasion of the Democrats.  

Pretty funny.

And I might have let it slide past without mention, except for the fact that I happened to be in John’s Grill last Thursday, sitting in on a gathering of the local TCM Backlot club. We were seated near the front of the room on the second floor

I wasn’t keenly aware that the political convention was as big as it was, but got the idea fast when suddenly Nancy Pelosi came off the stairs from the third floor. I felt for a second as if I was live on cable TV.

She moved on quickly, down the stairs to the main floor. And after an interval of a few minutes, Willie Brown came up.

Pelosi’s name ought to ring a bell, but you may not have heard of Brown, more a localized figure. 

At any rate, I can testify that Democrats were in fact hanging from the rafters in John’s, though the only ones I recognized were Pelosi and Brown.

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