Frisco Beat: Kent Harrington, Signatory

Image above: Kent Harrington (with Lynn behind the bar) in one of my favorite restaurants, Street on Polk, on Saturday September 21.

We got there as soon as the doors opened and had the place to ourselves for a few minutes, as it gradually began to fill up, get noisier — the Street experience. Great food, by the way.

Even though he’s a San Francisco native, Kent hadn’t been there before (so many restaurants, so little time, right?), so it seemed like a good rendezvous point.

After I read a proof copy of Last Ferry Home, I tipped Kent off to a few arcane points of information about San Francisco streets, so he had a copy of the hardback for me, to say Thanks. (In book collecting mode, I of course think that any serious Kent collector needs to have the ARC in addition to the final release, since they have somewhat alternate texts.)

At the bottom you’ll see part of Kent’s inscription in the copy (I’m cutting out the mushy stuff), which he says he did at home, in his office, at his desk — the most perfect possible conditions.

I’m no Kevin Cook, sensitive to every curve of the pen, but I can’t tell much difference between this signature and every other signature I’ve gotten from Kent over the years. But know that this records the most recent Kent siggie featured this weekend. Penned less than two weeks ago.

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