Frisco Beat: October 4, On Air with Burrito Justice


On Tuesday October 4 I drop into the studio from noon to 2p.m. for an episode of the Burrito Justice Show, a.k.a. the Burrito Justice League — I believe Burrito himself will be on the control panel and Nicole Gluckstern also will be on hand to toss out additional questions.

I think you can catch it live if you can figure out the info page, and they archive the show for later listening. If you Tweet, you can pop in questions in real time.

You may recall Nicole and Burrito from a ceremony held to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the naming of the literary streets in San Francisco. I covered Hammett for that deal, and also got drafted to blurb Richard Henry Dana when the Dana guy couldn’t make it. I dropped in some cool info about Alex Haley into the little Dana talk.

While the show may bounce here and there, the intent is to cover the naming of the lit streets back when, which author made the cut and which got bounced. You got Bob Kaufman Street, but not Richard Brautigan Street.

In connection with that theme, my book The Literary World of San Francisco gets a block of time — how did I research it and so on. A guy many years ago came up to me, kind of angered that I had an address for Jan Kerouac — daughter of Jack.

“Where did you get that information?!” he demanded. “I’ve never heard of that before.”

I almost regretted having to tell him that I got it in person from Jan Kerouac during a little interview.

I probably should have told him I just made it up. . . .

We may also cover the Hammett Tour — maybe even the Fritz Leiber Tour. If the talk spins that way, the subject of The Suicide Club wouldn’t be out of the question.

One way or another, I think all the talk will be an evocation of San Francisco.

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