Frisco Beat: On Hammett Street

Okay, I told you that the misspelled sign for Dashiell Hammett Street got fixed and here’s proof, courtesy a group by appointment that walked the walk on July 23 and lugged along cameras.

The new sign doesn’t feature the smaller inset name “Monroe,” the earlier name for the street — a change-up no doubt for the best. The street is Dashiell Hammett, now, and off into the future. And perfectly spelled!

And like the Black Dahlia guys before them, this group decided to try out some noir garb, which attracted attention from various passersby. One couple who looked kind of confused stood next to me as I walked past in the lead, and I whispered to them in an aside: “These guys, these are the Fancy Dress-Up Guys. . . .”

The couple looked at me, and said, “Oh. . . okay. . . .”

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