Frisco Beat: The Bragg Series by Jack Lynch

Front-Cover-215x330A new publisher operating under the handle Brash Books caught my attention recently — they’re planning on doing eBooks of the Tom Kakonis backlist, all of it, I think. Great news.

Even better news: they’re prepping a NEW Kakonis crime novel for release in a couple of months.

Needless to say, I will link the hell out of it, since Kakonis is one of the finest hard-boiled writers of recent years. I said so back in 1992 and I meant it.

But you might also be interested in another set of books they are picking up, the novels about Bragg, a San Francisco P.I., written by Jack Lynch.

I’m pretty sure I had some of those in the collection of San Francisco Mysteries I donated to Bancroft Library some years ago. If you’re poking around the edges of that collecting game, or just want to read everything you can get your mitts on with that local angle, here’s the chance. First one is The Dead Never Forget. Then several more, including Pieces of Death. Knock yourself out.

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