Frisco Beat: Those Theatres of Yesteryear


Doing the bits about the Novato Theater reminded me that I’ve been meaning to blurb a Julie Lindow project for, what?, at least a couple of years. (Julie hitched up with San Francisco Noir editor Peter Maravelis during the heyday of those books getting released, and going to the wedding almost felt like doing another signing, but with more food and dancing.)

While I really began my quest to see all the Bogart movies when I was in St. Paul in 1975-76, I put most of the list to rest after returning to San Francisco in 1977, then home to many, many rep houses.

The Gateway. The Richelieu. (Gateway specialized in color movies, Richelieu b&w. Another venue I haunted screened silent era flicks.) The  Warfield (where I first caught The Wild Bunch). The Embassy. St. Francis I (downstairs) and II (upstairs).  A few from those days survive. The Roxie. The Castro. The 4-Star.

Hop over to Left in the Dark for some photos of old school San Francisco movie houses — and if you’re into collecting actual books, they’ve got info on that, too.

As I’ve said before, I’m really glad I was around for the last glory days of movie theatres and bookstores.

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