Hammett: Roscoes Barking

Woke up to a note from Morgan “The Morgman” Holmes, who says, “I have my own Hammett gun post up at Castalia. Did not realize you had the Webley one up until this morning. Guess we are all thinking about guns.”

As always, These Mean Streets leads the parade.

Morgan delves into the possible automatic .32s of the era which might have served as the Op’s pocket arsenal in “Corkscrew.” With photos.

Just recently Morgan did a heavy-on-guns zine for the Robert E. Howard United Press Association which panicked one of the academics sucking around the fringes of Howard Studies. The guy was seized by the vapours, clutched his pearls, and huffed out of REHupa. Will anyone notice he’s gone?

Always amazing to me, the current crop of would-be readers, gripped by “woke” sensibilities, who insist on reading the major pulpsters, timidly covering their eyes at the politically incorrect spots. Robert E. Howard, famous as one of the most violent fictioneers of all time. Hammett, author of a symphony of bullets in the Op saga.

I don’t know what it would be, but surely these bozos could find something more current, bland enough to not offend them.

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