Hammett: 122 and Counting

dash as nickie

Another birthday rolls around for Hammett — no. 122. Plus Christopher Lee and Vincent Price, Harlan Ellison and Linnea Quigley. Henry Kissinger. San Francisco detective Hal Lipset. And more.

No cool birthday presents or news this year, that I know of. I’ve pretty much decided to do my Red Harvest essay as an eBook for a token 99¢ or so, instead of just tossing it on the blog. I’m comfortable with letting something germinate for years, but at some point that one needs to hit the mean streets. And having coin tossed at it might startle some people to attention.

The Big Secret Project Terry Zobeck is poking around on that I mentioned in a PulpFest report remains Secret. I wonder, if Terry ever polishes it off, would it make more of a splash as an eBook, as well?

Yeah, one or the other of those — or both — would have made good birthday fodder, but they’ll have to wait.

This year it’ll have to be tumblers of booze in celebration. Not a bad fallback.

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