Hammett: A Newsprint Hodgepodge

Today Evan Lewis put up a clump of fun newspaper clippings which mention Hammett, even naming the mysterious yarn “The Tale of Two Women,” which you may never have heard of.

(Back in 2011 Terry Zobeck solved that story title mystery and a few others when he tracked down a bunch of “lost” stories.)

If taking a gander at that sort of thing interests you, don’t skip the best article, on “Ancient Magazines” taken from the Bristol Herald-Courier for February 14, 1946. About one of those sprawling bookstores of yesteryear specializing in magazines of all stripes. An aside drops the dope that for $2 or $3 you could pick up “a 1930 detective magazine that Hammett is in.”

I don’t know, three bucks seems like a lot of dough for a crumbling pulp mag. . . .

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