Hammett: And Another Jeopardy! Clew in the Trebek Era

Man, the Jeopardy! Hammett clews are coming out fast and furious, like hot lead from a Tommy gun.

Yesterday, Wednesday 12/16/20 — S37 E68 — as the last few final episodes hosted by Alex Trebek work their way on air — they dip into the Hammett whiskey well for yet another shot.

The Double Jeopardy round. The $400 clew.

Category: Endings:

At the end of the book “The Maltese Falcon”, this private eye realizes that Brigid is a murderer & turns her in to the police

Current champion Brayden rings in with “Who is Sam Spade?”

Yep. But while I suppose we’re all willing to give the clew crew a break in formulating the wording, I think most Hammett fans realize that Spade figured out Brigid was the who that dun it much, much earlier in the action.

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