Hammett: Birthday 123 Coming Up

Dell 411 (1950). Cover Art by Robert Stanley

I can’t tell if Hammett’s upcoming birthday — no.123 — on May 27 is what triggered a burst of posts on Evan Lewis’ blog, or if he just suddenly felt like it. But if you care to surf over and follow in his wake, he indicates he’s building up to presenting the old Maltese Falcon comic book “beginning Friday, May 26.”

Who knows what he might sneak in before then?

Already up for viewing is an image-laden rumination on the Sam Spade short stories (I also can’t tell if Evan knows about the “new” Spade short, or fragment, presented in The Hunter and Other Stories, or if he’s just dealing strictly with the contents of The Adventures of Sam Spade collection).

Next up he presents a gallery of covers for The Maltese Falcon — some, but no means all.

And we’ve got a whole week to go before lighting any candles.

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