Hammett: Hard-Boiling Jeopardy!

Remember that just in January I mentioned that the quiz show Jeopardy! seemed to be using Hammett and his works more and more often for clews?

On February 19 they struck again!

Category: Literary Quotes.

The $1000 slot.

Statement: “This gumshoe tells Brigid, ‘When a man’s partner is killed he’s supposed to do something about it.'”

The champion of the moment rang in on it and gave the correct answer (which we all know is Sam Spade, right?).

I didn’t spot any Hammett nods in March but this month, whoa!

Guess future contestants better brush up on their definitive hard-boiled crime fiction.

April 11, first round, the $1000 slot.

Category: “D.H.”

(That means the first name or word begins with a D, the second with an H — like, oh, Dag Hammarskjold.)

Statement: “His 1961 N.Y. Times obituary called him ‘The dean of the so-called “hard-boiled” school of detective fiction.'”

No one guessed — me, I got it instantly.

On April 20 in the category Pulp Fiction, the $1200 slot:

“Chapter 4 of this classic of detective fiction is ‘The Black Bird’.”

No one rang in.

Yeah. These mugs better start studying their Hammett.

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