Hammett: It’s Almost Like Clockwork. . .

Yesterday Jeopardy! dropped Hammett back into their clew stew in the Jeopardy Round, in the “toughest” slot — $1000 — in the category Literary Hodgepodge:

Dashiell Hammett dedicated “The Thin Man” to this fellow writer and longtime love

The contestant named Lisa clicked in and said “Who is Lillian Hellman?” Correct. Lisa had been struggling for most of the show to that point, but hitting the Hammett Voodoo got her on track and she finished the day as the winner of the whole shebang.

I’m kind of surprised that the Jeopardy! folk didn’t finagle the dope even finer and have the clew drop on June 20 — the 112th anniversary of Hellman’s birth. Me, I can’t keep track of stuff like that but I expect no less from Jeopardy!

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