Hammett: KALW and the Mystery of the Black Bird

Maltese Falcon_LeadThe Maltese Falcon presides over San Francisco — the novel, the film, a thousand and one statues made of plaster, the two or three (or more?) figurines wrought out of lead with a golden bronze patina — the lead ones from the Bogart flick are the ones worth the big bucks. Who doesn’t have one or two made of plaster?

On February 2 at 5p.m. KALW 91.7 FM aired a segment investigating the haunting presence of the Black Bird — in Frisco, it’s kind of like Poe’s The Raven, isn’t it?

Ninna Gaensler-Debs recorded and edited the bit, and if you missed it when it hit the airwaves you can head over to this post which blurbs the project, with a link to the audio. I interviewed for it, there should be on scene stuff in Burritt alley and 891 Post.

Keeping the darkling feathers of the legend flapping. . . .

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