Hammett: Out of the Gate, Jeopardy! Strikes!

The game show Jeopardy! kicked off its new season this week, and a Hammett clew jumped up in the very first episode.

At one point, as documented on this blog, they had been dropping refs to Hammett like a beginning juggler drops balls. But then they laid off for awhile.

I’m pleased to report that Jeopardy! is back on the Mean Streets scene, baby — in the Double Jeopardy round, the $800 slot in the category Last Name Flow-Togethers.

That means the last names of the clew people kind of meet in the middle.

And the statement was:

Lena, one of TV’s “Girls”, & Dashiell, who wrote about hard-boiled men

A contestant buzzed in and said:


Lena Dunham. Dashiell Hammett.


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