Hammett: Smelling Nice

As noted previously, Jeopardy! hasn’t been piling on the Hammett clews as in the Days of Yore — when Alex Trebek was at the stick.

But yesterday S39 E134 for March 16 in the first round they finally eased another one in.

Category: Love, In So Many Words.

$1000 slot.


You can detect this novelist, “Nora said: ‘I love you, Nicky, because you smell nice & know such fascinating people.'”

None of the contestants pressed a buzzer or uttered a word.

Host Ken Jennings sketched in the info: “That’s Nick and Nora Charles in The Thin Man, by Dashiell Hammett.”

Come on, how many things in life or culture run under the banner Nick & Nora?

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