Hammett: The Clew Pile Hit Again

They just wrapped up the annual Teachers Tournament on Jeopardy! and what do you know, eased yet another Hammett puzzler into the action.

On May 15, Double Jeopardy! Round, $2000 clew under the banner of Mysteries & Thrillers:

“The Thin Man” by this author is about a former detective & his rich wife solving a murder amid high society

Yeah, for you or me, not a moment of cogitation required. So, I was kind of amazed that not one of the three teachers up at bat rang in to try at least a guess. You don’t get it much easier.

I did notice that Alex Trebek — usually a master at pronouncing all manner of exotic words — went with Dash-ULL rather than the correct Dash-SHIEL, but they can correct that next time. I’m presuming there’ll be a next time. Probably within a month or two.

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