Hammett: Three Silver Eyes

And today Evan Lewis pops up three more newsprint appearances for the excellent Hammett yarn “The Girl with the Silver Eyes.” A primo example of the casework of the Continental Op.

Evan writes:

This final feature focusing on The Girl With the Silver Eyes comes to us from The Detroit Free Press, Dec. 1938 and Mar. 1939, The Scranton Scrantonian of Feb. and Mar. of 1939 and The Deseret News from May 1942. Are there more stories like this coming? Oh yeah.

I take these lines to mean that Evan thinks he’s tracked down all newspaper installments of “Silver Eyes” (but has he?), and next up he’ll set his sights on another one of the syndicated Op adventures.

Will he follow that one through to the last hideout?

Will he bounce from one Op to another and back again?

Quite exciting.

Now I’m wondering if the circulation of one of the bigger papers might not have surpassed the entire print run of an issue of Black Mask. A publishing arena completely missed by the pioneer Hammett bibliographers.

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