News: June 2007


Anyone who wants to show up at the n.w. corner of the Main Library in Civic Center at noon is welcome to join crime writer Ace Atkins on a hard-boiled walk through the good old mean streets of Frisco. Ace will be in the burg promoting his new novel of Florida noir, White Shadow, and wants to see the sites where Hammett hammered out the bedrock and erected the gallows for the genre, if you know what we mean. Grab a tenspot, come on down and meet one of the up-and-coming novelists in the field as a bonus treat.


Immediately after Don wraps up having a few drinks with Ace after the tour on the 3rd, he’s off to Cross Plains, Texas for the annual Robert E. Howard Days. He’s going to sign copies of his new chapbook Yours for Faster Hippos for the folk who want a John Hancock, and finally plans to haul back the Cimmerian Award he nabbed a couple of years ago, which has been on display in the Howard House and Museum. If you’re anywhere near that little Texas town, come on over and say hello.

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